17 Again – Film Poster

17 Again, starring Zac Efron, was released in 2009 and is a drama, fantasy film. It is about  an adult who wakes up one morning to discover that he is 17 again. We follow him as he goes back to school and lives his life at 17 all over again.


The film poster is very simple, in the background is all office attire and a brief case which is just on the floor and he is walking away from it. He is holding school books, wearing a leather jacket which signifies his age and how he is walking back into being a youthful teenager. He is also wearing sunglasses which reinforces his age.

The tag line ‘who says you’re only young once?’ is a bit of a play on words as the famous saying is ‘you’re only young once’ so the film is creating a world which a lot of people want to be real, everybody wants to be young forever.

The text is black and red, I think this makes it stand out as nothing else on the poster is in red and it goes well with the background which is just plain white.

The Return – Short Film

The Return is a short film in the drama genre, written and directed by Harrison J. Bache. This short film is about a boy who made a mistake, driving whilst on the phone, which resulted in him killing an innocent woman. We see how this incident is effecting him and causing him to feel immense guilt over something that he is going to have to live with. This short film gives a very important message and I believe it is an essential watch, especially for young people and new drivers, it creates a huge impact on an audience.


The first shot is a long shot of a boy walking down the street and the camera is hand held to represent his emotions, he is not stable. This is held for a few seconds. A straight cut is then used to a close up, tracking shot of the boys feet walking. He is wearing trainers and baggy jeans which indicates that he is in his teens. The lighting, even though outside, is low-key and gloomy to reflect his mood. This is reinforced by his worried facial expression which is presented in a medium shot. He is looking down as if in shame. The non-diegetic score is quite slow and sinister.

The boy then begins to get quick flashbacks where the lighting is high-key which indicates he was ok before this incident. The camera pans around his head and allows the audience to get inside it and feel sympathy for him.

A pull focus from the boys head to a house infront of him is used to imply that this house is important. The first speech in the film is in the flashback, he is speaking normally and calmly indicating he is unaware of the following events and how it’d change his life.

A close up of the car wheels is used to create dramatic effect. Straight cuts are used to clearly establish from the past and the present. A close up tracking shot of the boys face as he gets nearer to the house to present how distraught he looks.

When the boy reaches the door a pan down to a close up of his finger about to press the doorbell is used to signify how nervous he is, his hand is shaking. In the flashbacks a close up of him repeatedly saying he is ‘sorry’ indicates his youth and he didn’t really know what he was doing. A high angle of the little boy looking up of him is used to present him shaking his head, this is put in slow mo to make it more dramatic.

The final scene is in the present where the teenager is asking the boy for forgiveness again and this time he says he forgives him, this is like closure for the teenager. A medium shot shows a smile grow on his face.

Trying Something New

I am a person who is very comfortable watching the genres of film which I love and don’t very often branch out to other genres. I began to release that this is bad of me and there is a lot of great films which I am missing out on because they are advertised as sic-fi or action which aren’t films which I tend to enjoy.

However, yesterday when selecting a film to watch I decided to choose ‘Inception’ which is a science fiction film. I had heard a lot about it both good and bad but I thought there was absolutely no harm in trying it out.

So I sat down to watch it, not expecting much, and to be honest I found it completely confusing and had to have my friend explain whats happening to me in the beginning. However as it got into the main action of the film I was hooked, the storyline is crafted so well and I was amazed by how it all came together and how someone could even begin to think of this storyline astonished me.

I was really happy watching this film, I felt enlightened and I was ready to watch more science fiction films but that was before the film ended. The film ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER it made me so annoyed for a film to end like that, I don’t feel satisfied or complete by this film I just feel on edge, I need to know how it ends, I even had dreams about how it could end last night. This film will never stop haunting me.

If you haven’t already seen this film I do highly recommend it but it will be a part of you forever.

The Woman in Black – Film Poster

This film is a bit different from other dramas I have looked at as it is a thriller, drama film. I wanted to look at this poster to discover how it differs to other film posters in the drama genre.


I can immediately tell that this poster is a lot different from other drama film posters which I have looked at. The setting is what stands out to me most, from the dark, mysterious character in the background and a big house which has fog all around it and looks very run down, this is typical of the thriller genre. There is nothing in this film poster which is suggestive that it is a drama film. I will continue to analyse it anyhow.

Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the protagonist character, is standing very close to the camera and is looking right down it, it is implied that he is unaware of the woman behind him, this links with the storyline of the film. The tagline “Fear her curse” gives entail to the story but also keeps a lot hidden about who “her” is or why we should fear her curse, it creates mystery which is reinforced by the fog which could be covering some secrets up but also creating the thriller ambience.

The title is very big and clear, the colour of the font is almost glowing but also fading away which matches the thriller genre. It also has a review at the top of the poster saying  “Don’t watch it alone” which would entice thriller film fans. Drama film fans would most likely not be interested in watching this film, it is more advertised as being in the thriller genre.


The Fault in Our Stars – Film Poster

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a drama film about a teenage cancer patient who is forced by her mum to go to a cancer support group which is where she falls in love with a boy, Gus, and we follow them on their adventures together along with their battle with cancer. This film was very popular as it allowed an audience to connect with a character who is struggling with something which isn’t talked about often enough and allows us to get more of an understanding for people struggling with cancer.


The picture on the film poster is a birds eye view and the characters are placed with no space between them to show how emotionally close they are in the film. Her hand is in his hair showing love and affection.

In the picture you can clearly see her tubes which she needs to breathe which is representative of the cancer which she has, a theme which this film is based around. As well as this the tagline is “One sick love story” which is play on words as the word “sick” could also mean good, the characters in the picture are very young which implies that they would use this modern language. However ‘sick’ is also used to portray the battle of cancer both characters are facing. The tagline coves both major themes, love and illness.

The title is in alternate blue and white as this is a main colour scheme for the branding of the film. The white suggests innocence and the blue is representative of the cancer which is taking away the innocence and youth.

This film poster is very simple, it is mainly just a picture which I think works very well in this case.

The Breakfast Club – Film Poster

The Breakfast club was released in June, 1985, but is still very popular to this day and is a classic film. It is directed by John Hughes and is about 5 students all from different social groups who are forced to spend the day together in detention. We see how they get along together without the social expectations which are usually placed onto them when at school and how they act as individuals.


The film poster is quite simple, it is showing all the characters of the film sat together. The way they are sitting, so close and joint together, presents the relationships which are created throughout the film. We can see how each character is different from the way they are dressed, like the leather fingerless gloves on the boy at the back compared to Claire, at the front, who is wearing a pink blouse and is lying on her side which is representative of her femininity. Each character is very different but are very close, which is shocking as we don’t expect this group to be friends which entices a viewer to want to watch the film to see how this has happened.

Each character is staring straight into the camera implying they want the audience to come and get involved.

The tag line “They only met once, but it changed their lives forever” is very mysterious it is suggestive of the storyline but without knowing what the film was about this would make it very intriguing. The font is very simple and small, this is effective as it creates mystery towards the genre. The text is also very spaced out which I haven’t often seen in film posters.

I really like this film poster and I think it is very cleverly made, to make a viewer want to go and see the film, it could be one of the reasons for it being so popular.

Albatross – Film Poster

Albatross is a 2011, drama film directed by Niall MacCormic. It is about a teenager who is interested in becoming a novelist. She gets herself a job as a cleaner by the seaside in a happy household which she soon destroys by having an affair with the father.


In this film poster the protagonist is standing in the middle of the picture implying she is an important character, she also has a lot of space around her which reflects the storyline. She is isolated in this environment and the seaside isn’t her home. The background of the picture is representative of the setting of the beach, it looks quite peaceful and calm which juxtaposes the story in the film.

The tagline “beautiful, smart, talented, trouble” is describing the protagonist character and her qualities, it is a very simple tagline. The words are all positive except the final one, ‘trouble’ which indicates that we are going to see her bad side in the film and all is not what it seems.

The title is in purple which makes it clear and bold, it stands out on the poster. The colour is also matched with the colour which the girl is wearing which could suggest she believes she is above everyone else as she is wearing a royal colour. Her body language is also suggesting she is confident and proud.

The poster for this film uses its photography and colour to represent the genre and storyline of the film. It entices an audience to watch the film as it has many good ratings and has won awards which can also be seen on the film poster.

Picture Day – Short Film

This is a short film about the day that every student dreads each year, picture day. This is a picture that you will be stuck with for an entire year and their is a lot of pressure to look good. I believe this short film captures the pressure put onto students very well, not everybody experiences this, especially to the level shown in the film but I believe it is very interesting and presents us with an important message.

The short film starts with some aggressive knocking on the door with a black screen, this immediately identifies the dominate of the mother. A straight cut is then used to a young girl in the bathroom looking blankly whilst the mother makes a harsh comment about “drugs” which indicates the expected behaviour of a teenager. The mother is wearing a pink dressing gown, eye shadow and curlers in her hair which signifies her femininity. Her angry tone of voice and demanding speech is quite harsh but the calm expression on the teenagers face implies that she is used to her mothers behaviour.

The next scene is in the teenagers room, the non-diegetic sound of rock music signifies the girls masculinity, she isn’t a girly girl. This is reinforced by the posters all around her room and choice of outfits which she lays out, black jeans and a shirt. A medium-close up with the girl placed in the centre of shot shows her importance. A time lapse shows the passing of time as she is getting ready, implies how important this picture is, not for her but her mother.

The music then fades out and into the opposite of the previous score into a more elegant song, this is presenting the juxtaposition between mother and daughter. This is also presented when both characters are on screen but with a wall between them. High key lighting is used on the Mums side whilst a more low-key lighting with the daughter. The Mum is drinking from a pink glass and is doing this very slowly and carefully, she is relaxed and calm which is presented through her body image.

Ambient sound of birds when moving outside and the camera tracks the girl as she gets into the car. When heading back into the house the non-diegetic sound of the elegant music builds back up which contradicts the action. A long shot of the mum pulling her daughter aggressively into the house. The camera tracks them as they walk through the house as the girl says “mum please’ as she is scared and worried about what her mum may do next. The mum then pushes her down, she has the power which is shown with an over the shoulder shot in a high angle of the teenager underneath her. She calls her daughter a “dike’ and tells her that she “disgusts” her which indicates she is disappointed and angry about her sexuality.

The camera pans round to the mum walking out of the house using a tilted angle and a hand held camera to imply that the mum is drunk. A long shot of the teenager punching her mum is used and rock music plays as she drives away which is representative of her age.

This film was very interesting to watch and I really liked the story behind it even though it is very shocking and scary. The music used was very good and I believe it was used really well.

In a Heartbeat – Short Film

This short film, ‘In a Heartbeat’ has gone viral recently around the internet and I was very intrigued to watch it and see what literally everyone has been raving about.

The film starts with the classic black screen and white, simple writing to present the credits which is very typical in a short film. The title font is in a light pink and is very delicate which is representative of the romance genre in the short film storyline. A character then enters which is in the centre of the screen indicating their importance, he is in a school environment signifying his age and innocence which is also presented through the panic on his face. The non-diegetic score is suggestive of the upbeat, innocence of the short film. A close up of feet walking pass the camera is then presented. This boy is throwing an apple up and down signifying he is calm and collected, he is unaware of the other boy watching him. The audience is placed from the ginger boys perspective.

The boy in the trees facial expression drops as he is in awe of the other boy which is indicating his feeling towards him, this is supported by the sound of his heartbeat when he turns around. A POV shot is also used so that an audience feels a part of his emotions, we empathise for this character.

The short film is a metaphor for emotions, the boys heart is being played with and thrown around, he cant help how he feels and his heart won’t allow him to forget about how he’s feeling. It is a message about homosexuality.

The heart pulls the ginger boy around in order to get him closer to the other boy, slow motion is used to signify how perfect the boy is to him.  A high angle of school children looking down on them is used to show how out of place they are. There is then a close up of the heart breaking in two and we watch as the door closes on the boy and he is left behind the doors, their is now a barrier between them. A fade transition is used to represent a change in time and the shot zooms out from the school and onto the boy sitting on the floor alone. He is isolated. The score then begins to lighten up again as it pans up to see the other boy standing behind him and a pull focus is used to show that.

There is then a close up of the heart coming back together and a long shot of the boys hearts beating together, and then as one.

I really liked this short film as not only is it very touching and emotional I believe it is a very important message in order to show that being gay can not be helped or changed and it portrays this message very well.

Outdoor Cinema

Last weekend I went to an outdoor cinema which was a very interesting experience. I really liked the atmosphere as it was a community of people who were able to enjoy a film they love, together.


I watched ‘Back to the Future’ which is on of my favourite films and I enjoyed the experience so much that I stayed longer to then watch ‘Dirty Dancing which I hadn’t seen before.


If you ever get the chance I really recommend going to an outdoor cinema as it was a great experience and a great way to celebrate film.