Memento is a film which I love and after doing research on Film Noir I was excited to discover that it is a modern version of a Film Noir. The reason I love it so much is because its narrative actually goes backwards and is really interesting to watch, the main character in the film can only remember things for up to 20 minutes and we discover how this came to be and if the people in his life are actually being true to him.


As you can see in the beginning of this clip the lighting is really cleverly placed onto his face and each shot is aesthetically pleasing for the viewer. It is very stylistic and you can tell each shot is really thought out. I really like the Film Noir style and how its all carefully put together and it is used extremely well in this film.

This film isn’t all Film Noir but the use of it works really well for the storyline. It seems complicated but its a film you just have to watch to understand and I would highly recommend it.

I really liked the acting in this film and it is put together really well, the story line and unique backwards story line is something which makes the film really great and stand out from any other films like it. It really isn’t like any other films.

The ending is interesting as its nothing like I expected, the whole film is nothing like I expected but the twist ending is really shocking as we learn that the people we assumed he can trust are actually just playing him. Its actually quite humorous the way his memory is lost and he can’t remember things that have just happened, the way its put together makes it quite humorous at times.

After seeing quite a few versions of Film Noir now, both modern and old, I am looking forward to creating my own one.




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