In a Heartbeat – Short Film

This short film, ‘In a Heartbeat’ has gone viral recently around the internet and I was very intrigued to watch it and see what literally everyone has been raving about.

The film starts with the classic black screen and white, simple writing to present the credits which is very typical in a short film. The title font is in a light pink and is very delicate which is representative of the romance genre in the short film storyline. A character then enters which is in the centre of the screen indicating their importance, he is in a school environment signifying his age and innocence which is also presented through the panic on his face. The non-diegetic score is suggestive of the upbeat, innocence of the short film. A close up of feet walking pass the camera is then presented. This boy is throwing an apple up and down signifying he is calm and collected, he is unaware of the other boy watching him. The audience is placed from the ginger boys perspective.

The boy in the trees facial expression drops as he is in awe of the other boy which is indicating his feeling towards him, this is supported by the sound of his heartbeat when he turns around. A POV shot is also used so that an audience feels a part of his emotions, we empathise for this character.

The short film is a metaphor for emotions, the boys heart is being played with and thrown around, he cant help how he feels and his heart won’t allow him to forget about how he’s feeling. It is a message about homosexuality.

The heart pulls the ginger boy around in order to get him closer to the other boy, slow motion is used to signify how perfect the boy is to him.  A high angle of school children looking down on them is used to show how out of place they are. There is then a close up of the heart breaking in two and we watch as the door closes on the boy and he is left behind the doors, their is now a barrier between them. A fade transition is used to represent a change in time and the shot zooms out from the school and onto the boy sitting on the floor alone. He is isolated. The score then begins to lighten up again as it pans up to see the other boy standing behind him and a pull focus is used to show that.

There is then a close up of the heart coming back together and a long shot of the boys hearts beating together, and then as one.

I really liked this short film as not only is it very touching and emotional I believe it is a very important message in order to show that being gay can not be helped or changed and it portrays this message very well.

This is such a cute short film, the message it gives and the story it tells is something that just warms the heart. The animation, for this story, works well.

I would give this a 9/10 rating.


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